Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to help yourself to start a Diet

How to help yourself to start a Diet
Making your mind to start a diet plan is a big deal. If you are out of shape and putting excessive fat with you every where then you really need to change your routine.
This article will help you to prepare for a diet to keep yourself healthy, in shape and beautiful.
Lets start
Who should diet
The one who is fat, whose weight is more, who put excessive fat, who is out of shape, who have fat tummy of any of ab and who wants to be healthy and fit. Your diet style is very important for your health. That is why one who should live life hassle free should correct ones diet.
How to set your mind for a diet
Making your mind for this task is the key to success of this task. Once you set your mind to do it your fifty percent work is done. Once you have decided to follow a diet plan you can do it. It would be less difficult for you if you have set a priority in your mind. Here are some tips to make a mind.
1- Take your decision
When you took your decision, this difficult task would be easier for you. Only you have to take decision for yourself. No one else can help you on this. Only you can decide right and wrong for you. 
2- Make health your priority
If you consider health is a precious gem which you cant get in replacement of your fatty diet. And you believe that your favorite fatty food wont go anywhere and you can get it whenever you want but at the right time. When you have gotten your healthy figure you wont have that crushy temptations for food. Everything will go fine when your stomach will feel healthy and your stomach will not seduce you to unhealthy food.
3- Fantasize the advantages
Just imagine how would you look like after getting in shape. Fantasize the advantages which you can get after completing your task. Think yourself wearing those attires which you can not carry due to your irregular figure. You can see yourself feeling light, healthy and free from excessive weight. Fantasize how beautiful you would be.
4- Search some diet plan
After making yourself ready for a diet morally, you have to start it practically. Search some good diet plans which suits your health conditions. You can see a nutritionist to suggest you a diet plan or you can find some through browsing on internet. You just need to verify by reading reviews of those people who had applied them.
5- Find alternates
It is not like that if you are on diet then you just have to force yourself to eat the prescribed one. You can always find substitute. Life is about substitutes. We can always have good choices in this matter. For example if your plan tells you to eat oranges then you have to find the cause behind this which could be intake of Vitamin C. so you can have fruits which contain same amount of Vitamin C in placement of oranges. You can also have the mixture of those fruits instead of single one. One thing to be considered that amount of intake should not be exceeded than the recommended one. You can get help from nutritionist or you can calculate it on your own.
6- Find recipes
You can take suggested food in different forms by making them in different ways. For example eating salad is another way of intake of raw or green vegetables. As far cooking is concerned, you have to be more curious before changing the recipes. But possibilities exist. More variety will develop your interest and will help to stay consistent.
7- Run like a tortoise
Be patient and believe in yourself. Do not think that you can achieve it overnight. It is something concerned to your health which is an important issue. So you have to stay calm, positive and consistent like tortoise. If you feel to loose your hope in middle of the way just think that you have walked through half of the way and to walk further is not an issue for you.
8- Plan activities
Plan some healthy activities like running, walking or any other sport you like. This will help you to stay enthusiastic and you will reach your goal more easily. Such activities make you and your mind fresh,  allows you to think positive and stay healthy.
9- Cheat your inside bad
You can apply some tips to stop your inside bad. You know your secrets and you can defeat you bad craving inside. Whenever you start craving for food you can engage yourself in some sport or you can drink more water.
Hopefully this will help to maintain your health features. Consider your health as an important issue and give it priority because health is wealth.
You can give your suggestions on this.
Best of luck!

Friday, 17 February 2017

potatoes for losing weight

Hi friends,
As we all know that losing weight is a big problem nowadays and every one is suffering to this head in any way. Addiction for food is a big hurdle in losing weight. So if you eat some food which reduces your urge will be quite helpful.
Potato is one of the food that reduces your temptation and it is fat less.
Yes potato!! How is it!!
Boiled potato is the food which makes you feel full for extended period of time resulting in less eating.
There are different ways you can use potatoes in your diet plan which will not harm your daily calorie intake.
You can have boiled potato topped with some salt and black pepper of course or with a combination of poached egg.
You can have baked potato also topped with some grilled vegetables of your choice or if you like to make it cheesy you can also use low fat cheese. Baked potato is a good source of vitamin B, C and A and contains fiber and potassium.
Or you can just toss your cubed potatoes in little olive oil or you can just grill them by greasing some olive oil
Or you can s tack them and roast them in oven.
Possibilities are endless.
But potato chips and fries are not a good options if you are trying to lose weight. They contain lots if calories and fat which will burn all your hardship for losing weight.
So think of your mind and start adding potato in your diet without any fear. After all you also have right to enjoy some of your diet instead of that fatty fear. Enjoy :)

Thursday, 16 February 2017

vitamin B in potatoes

Potatoes contain vitamin B.It helps you to balance estrogen level in your body.It is important for reproductive health.Women who are trying to conceive should include potatoes  in their diet.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

did you know

Did you know?

The potato chips recipe was first published in 1817.
Moreover, taste of potato chips makes you to overeat..